How to Smoke a Tobacco Pipe

Pipe smoking is a great relaxation medium and also a ritual. You get a satisfaction when you smoke a tobacco pipe. The whoosh of the matchstick followed by the beautiful aromatic smell is something you have always dreamt of. With your cocktails smoke a pipe and make your evening a perfect one. Tobacco pipes can be seen in movies. Often we see our favourite celebrities have pipes in their mouths.

smoking pipes

Smoking pipes are considered to be a leisurely activity which is extremely enjoyable. One can learn how to smoke a tobacco pip easily.

How to Smoke a Tobacco Pipe:

filling pipe bowl

  1. Filling of Pipe Bowl – When one is learning how to smoke a tobacco pipe, the most crucial and difficult step is to master how to fill the pipe bowl. Depending on the filling of pipes the smoke becomes. Try to fill up the bowl lightly. The bowl must be filled in half proportion from the bottom. Now again fill it on the top. Compress it a bit more. Make the packaging really firm. Now fill the tobacco pipe bowl till it is three by fourth full. Now top off the bowl with more tobacco and press it down. A little space must be in between the top of the bowl and the tobacco.
  2. Test Smoke First –Now the next step is to go for a test smoke. If after smoking you feel that the air does not flow very freely then it means it is tight. If such is a case then remove it and once again try it. Smoke a tobacco pipe and feel its compactness before finally lighting it.
  3. Lighten the pipe –Wooden matches are cheap options to lighten a pipe. One can also go for pipe lighters. They do not alter the tobacco taste. Using match sticks burn the pipe and wait up for a few seconds. Let the sulphur off and gently draw the pipe move it in circular movements. Keep it till the tobacco surfaces and the tobacco is lit evenly.
  4. Smoke smoothly – Realize that to smoke a tobacco pipe one needs to make it really smooth. It is a slow and steady process and not a rushed work. Do not puff very quickly. Do what is known as a tongue bite. Tongue bite is a burning sensation on the tongue. The pipe can burn out 2 to 3 times.

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