How To Make Thick Cream From Milk

AdminMay 2024

It sounds so interesting to make cream from milk. Once you get the habit to make some cream at home and some butter at home then it is sure that you will never go to buy these from stores anymore. It is a true fact that it takes a lot of time to make these. And the wait is long to see the end product.


milk cream


Some of the main menus in cooking require cream usage. And at times when you are making everything at home it is not possible to go out in the store to buy it. A few tablespoons of the cream take an entire dish to an all new level. Home-made creams can also be used in desserts.


How to Make Cream from Milk


Step 1 - The first step is to heat the milk. It takes usually 3 to 5 minutes. It also depends on what type of milk is used. Once the milk comes to the boiling point keep it aside for half an hour in the refrigerator. Observe when the thick malai is formed on the topmost layer of the milk. Carefully take this malai with the help of a spoon. Keep it in a clean bowl. In this manner keep collecting malai. You can do it on a daily basis whenever you boil milk.


Step 2 - The malai when it is collected in the bowl must now be refrigerated. Let it be refrigerated till it sits. It can take one entire day. Whisk it properly. This cream is ready to be used. Now from this you can just get few tablespoons only. If there is a party or you need a lot of malai then you must collect malai for 10 to 15 days.




Step 3 - When your container gets filled with malai you can make it in the cream form and also make it like butter. Whisk it then. For a few minutes whisk it. This way the cream will not have any lumps. One can also use an electronic whisker for beating it. This cream can now be used for cooking purposes.


Step 4 - Monitoring the entire process of malai creation, whisking and cream formation needed a lot of monitoring. A little neglect can even burn it. So, take real care in monitoring it.


cream from milk


So it is better to always remember to collect malai. Whenever you boil milk even if it is multiple times a day collects its malai and stores it in the fridge. Cream suits multiple gravies dishes and savoury tasted recipes. There are some dishes which call for fresh cream. The homemade fresh cream is the best type of cream for making good quality food. One can also use it for making sweets, desserts and delicacies like cakes. It has a sour taste so a lot of sugar is needed when it is used as a part of sweet dish recipes. In savoury dishes the sourness does not be noticed. It gives your food the perfect restaurant taste.


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