How To Tie A Bandana Like A Headband

AdminMay 2024

In middle school practically every one experiences love hate relationships with headbands or bandanas. To tie a bandana like a headband is the desire of many youngsters. As kids we used them to keep hair in place. But these also dug into our scalps and give us head pains. Wearing bandana as headbands is a nice way of styling.




Everyone must own at least one bandana in the closet. But try learning the right way to wear it. Be a professional bandana headband. The various ways of wearing bandanas are chic, fashionable as well as functional. It makes your entire attire look complete. Be a pro bandana Fashionista.


How to Tie a Bandana like a Headband


Headband style - To tie a bandana like a headband fold it simply as if it is a triangle roll. Round it on your head and tie its ends under your hair with the help of a nape. It is a very handy way to wear it. On a windy day when your hair starts blowing on your face all you need is a bandana.


bandana headband


Fix hair neatly - First of all fix the hair neatly. Then wear the bandana. It is a lifesaving hair accessory which keeps one from unwanted sweat due to hair dripping on the face. It saves you from the usage of concealer. Style the hair locks at first. Ponytail your hair or make a bun. Then use the bandana.


Square bandana - Very few people have the right conception about bandanas. Use a proper bandana and not any scarf. The bandanas are square shaped. The square shape helps to fold it correctly. So no fabric is surplus and keeps hanging like a tail. Cotton based bandanas make sure it does not slip frequently and is set at the right place for long. 



wear a bandana


Tie bandana over - After folding the bandana set it properly. Set some back portion from the hair like a bit away from the nape of the neck and tie bandana with a knot under the hair. It is up to you how you tie it. To tie a bandana like a headband can be the best look of the season.


Hair styling is all about experimenting. So do not be afraid in doing some trials with the bandana as well. Looking for more hair styling products? Check out our Nykaa offers & get amazing hair styling products at unbelievable prices.

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