How To Stop A Car With No Brakes

AdminMarch 2024

The modern day vehicles are such that there are ample safety features in built in them which provide you with ultimate safety. The idea of driving without any brakes is not needed only. Still we all must keep in mind that a car is nothing more than machinery. Thousands of parts in a motion make the car run and that’s it. It is nothing more than equipment. Like machineries a car can also stop. The brakes in a car can anytime come to a halt without a prior intimation.


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One of the most primary reasons for fatal accidents to occur is such scenarios. A car drive without brakes can be the reason for your ill fated death. When such an unwanted scenario happens the first option one gets is to bring to a safe stop somehow. Driving with no brakes is never recommended. Also it is an illegal act. Still for safety purpose learn how to stop a car with no brakes.


There can be many reasons why car brakes fail. Some of the most common reasons are the fluid present in the braking system fades or the brake pad has faded. One can avoid these from occurring by regularly servicing the vehicle. Do not put much stress on car brakes by pressing them hard and for long time periods. It is always a good choice to begin braking when you are at a long distance and slowly bringing the car to a halt.


How to Stop a Car with No Brakes: 


stop car no brakes


Take feet of gas and turn off cruise control if it is “on” - The cruise control system should be turned off the moment you touch brake or the clutch. For being safe make sure it is switched off.


Give attention to how the brake pedal feels – If the feeling of the brake pad feels soft and it goes to the floor then it means fluid is low. It also means a faulty master cylinder. The problems can also be with drums or calipers. It is also possible that one pumps the brakes for rebuilding braking pressure. If, on the other hand brake pedal feels hard and it does not move then it means where something is in the brake system that is creating an obstruction. Try feeling the pedal.


Brake pumping - Pumping of brakes frequently can rebuild the pressure in the braking system and it stops. This will take some time but you have to keep trying. If your car is equipped with ABS then also you should do this. Whether your car has ABS brakes or not you can quickly squeeze down the brakes down on the floor and make most of the pressure which was preserved. The hydraulic brakes fail rarely.


Using emergency brakes in place of the engine can prove to be dangerous. It uses hand brakes for drifting. If these conditions are met one can slide off the car with no brakes also. These are the techniques how to stop a car with no brakes.


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