Google Glasses & 3D Printer – Most High Tech Gadgets In 2014

AdminMarch 2024

Every year, there are certain gadgets that are auctioned which are much awaited by everyone. Usually, they herald a new technology that has not been experienced before. 2014 has two such gadgets been released. These have been in the news from much before and the anticipation is mounting up.


About Google Glass

Google Glasses are most anticipated among modern and groundbreaking devices in the world of technology. It will come with the following attributes:

  • Responds to vocal commandsgoogle glasses
  • Allowing one to browse the internet
  • GPS navigation apps
  • Language translation
  • Video recording
  • Photography


The Google Glass is easily portable and light. One can even add on sunglass lenses or prescription lenses if one so desires. It will be wearable every day. One can even connect to their mobile devices, though the Glass and configure or manage the other devices. There have been laws passed prohibiting the usage of devices like Google Glass in many venues where recording and shooting pictures are prohibited.


3D Printer

The other device that is much awaited for release in 2014 is the 3D Printer. It promises to make printing revolutionary and exciting. The device allows one to print out 3D objects literally or so it seems. 3D printerMakerBot is the maker of this new line of 3D printers. It heralds a new age in printing. There are possibilities in printing tools, figurines, toys and others. Thus, it might just be possible to print out clothing, automobiles, furniture and others. ChefJet is another device that allows one to print out delicious confectionery creations. Ingredients are laid down and they are colored in a precise manner. The 3D printing line is out now and one can check it out at the official site of MakerBot.

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