How You Can Take Care of Your Newborn

AdminMarch 2024

I believe there is no need to explain any parent who important is to take care of the newborn. And for the first-time parents it become something they have to learn and simultaneously apply on the baby. Though the mother survived 9 months of pregnancy, the labour and delivery pain for her baby, she also becomes nervous when it comes to proper baby care.




So here are certain important tips for the first-time parents so that they can take care of their first offspring with confidence.


After Birth Help

Don’t feel shy to take help from the experts around you in the hospital, because if you don’t ask for it now it can become hectic for you later. Talk to the experienced nurses to help you on how to feed your baby. Ask her to show you how to hold, change, burp and care for your baby. You can even appoint a nurse for in-home help or you can ask your neighbours for the short time help. For in-home help your medical advisors can be a good source of referral or else you can try to go for home health agencies. Take the experience from your elders like your mother-in-law, mother, aunties etc. Their experience can teach you a lot about baby care.


Handling an infant

You should realise how delicate the newborns are, so better take some special precautions while handing the infant. These tips can help you:

Wash your hand: As the immune system of the newborns are not that strong, you should wash your hands properly with antibacterial soap or sanitizer before touching or holding the baby.

Support the neck: Hold the head and neck of your baby while laying her down and carrying her upright.

Don’t rough play: Remember your baby is not for rough play like throwing in the air or being jiggled on the knee.

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