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We all can't deny the fact that laptops have made our lives way easier than desktops. Laptops these days have become a daily necessity, a must for work and even for students. Unlike traditional desktops, laptops are portable and handy, making them more preferable when it comes to working. For people interested in editing, creating content and typing, laptops are the convenient option. They don't require any power supply and run on batteries; they are very portable and reliable. Before we talk further about best laptop brands, let's dig into their history.


Uses of Laptops in Our Lives

There is no doubt that laptops have become essential in our daily lives and can be specified as one of the most innovative creations of humans. Now, there is no need to memorize all the data or write it down in a notebook because there's a laptop for that, and it can safely save all your data, lists, and important stuff. Below, we will list a few uses of laptops that we have in our daily lives. After that you will be easily able to find the right need:

  1. Students use laptops to attend online lectures, watch study-related videos, save e-notes for further revision, research and complete their assignments. 
  2. Companies use laptops to record all their operational data and accounting information. Companies use laptops to maintain their database and marketing, market research and sale for budgeting and business planning.
  3. At home, laptops are operated by us to access social networking sites, make payments, raise family budgets, shop online conveniently, and entertainment.

Top List Of Best Laptop Brands In India

Laptop Brands Buy Now
Apple Check Prices on Amazon
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HP (Hewlett-Packard) Check Prices on Amazon
Lenovo (Business Class) Check Prices on Amazon
Asus (The All-rounder) Check Prices on Amazon


Essential Factors We Must Consider Before Buying A Laptop From Best Brand

Laptops impact our day to day life with their existence and are of great help. But, finding a good laptop isn't easy, and it isn't easy to choose the correct one with so many brands available.


So, we will list a few factors you can consider before investing in a laptop.

  1. Size: Depending on the purpose of the laptop you'd be buying, you have to make sure to pick the right fit for you. Laptop sizes start from 11.6 inches to 17.3 inches so think about using the laptop for yourself and choose wisely. Go for thinner and small-sized laptops if portability is your priority. But, the smaller size laptops often don't support the same discrete graphic cards that you'll find in bigger sized laptops. 
  2. RAM: RAM(random access memory) is the key to computers' functioning, especially if you like doing lots of multitasking on your laptop. More RAM allows more applications to work at the same time. More RAM will allow your laptop to access the data faster and help in smoothly running your applications.
  3. CPU: CPU( central processing unit) is an important part of any laptop. Core i7 based systems give the best performance. The latest the processor, the more expensive the machine. Pick a high processor laptop only for power users like gaming; otherwise, you can opt for lower processor laptops and make them fit your budget.
  4. Storage: Both types of storage and amount of storage is needed to be considered. A solid-state drive (SSD) is suggested for better speed and can be installed in the form factor that doesn't add too much bulk to a laptop.
  5. Battery Life: If portability is your priority, then a good battery life for the laptop is very important. If you run programs that need lots of processing or play graphic-intensive games, then it will tend to drain your laptop's battery a lot. 


Best Laptop Brands Found In India

The first laptop was invented in 1981 by Adam Osborne, and it was called Osborne 1 and cost around Rs.1,40,000. After that, different computer companies launched their laptops. WiFi was introduced in laptops in 1998-1999; laptops started becoming more popular. Here is the most trusted & favourite list of laptop brands in India for 2022.


1. Apple


Apple Laptops


Apple has three kinds of laptops- MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, which come at different sizes and prices. It is indeed a luxury brand but is great for customer satisfaction and response and design along with the class. Apple is the top brand in India for laptops, pads, iPhones or any other appliance because of their likability and unique niche in the technology industry. The three different apple laptops are:

  • MacBook- Estimated price: Upwards of 50,000 (12 inches)
  • MacBook Air- Estimated price: Upwards of 90,000 (13.3 inches)
  • And most famous: MacBook Pro- Estimated price: Upwards of 1,00,000 (13-15 inches)


2. Dell


Best Laptops Brands India Dell


Dell always stays as a very renowned brand in India, with a large category of laptops to offer. Nonetheless It is popular for its style, features and price ranges. It has the top laptop in India, under 40,000. They provide a great user experience and good build quality likewise they offer doorstep pickup and delivery services. Dell laptops are top priority when it comes to handling a heavy workload and multitask operations in a business or students. The lightweight laptops either work on Windows or Linux OS. They are equipped with a faster processor for efficient processing. Below, we'll be listing the series of latest laptops in India manufactured by Dell:

  • Inspiron - for home and office
  • XPS - for the ultimate experience
  • Alienware - for high-performance gaming


3. HP (Hewlett-Packard)


HP Laptops


HP is one of the most popular and indeed is among the best brands in India. It has the highest number of buyers for the laptop segments in India. HP's laptops start at an affordable range to a higher range, depending on various factors. In fact the market is very rich with HP products belonging to different categories and price ranges. HP has a laptop for every budget, with highest amount of positive customer reviews. The laptops aims truly at the people working in offices or for students. Below, I am going to list a few best-reviewed HP laptops:

  • 1. HP i5 laptop - HP Notebook - 14q-cs1002tu
  • 2. HP i3 laptop - HP Notebook - 15q-ds0026tu
  • 3. HP Gaming laptop - HP Pavilion - 15-bc504tx
  • 4. HP touch screen laptop - HP Pavilion * 300 14-dh0107tu
  • 5. HP i7 - HP Pavilion *360 14-dh0045tx

Also, check HP coupons for best prices from all products offered by HP brand.


4. Lenovo (Business Class)


2021 Laptop Brands Lenovo


Lenovo offers a value-priced series of laptops. It is developing, manufacturing and selling a wide range of laptops in more than 60 countries worldwide. These laptops are budget-friendly and furthermore are highly reliable, durable and have great reviews. Since 1984, Lenovo has made affordable and reliable laptops for all creative professionals and businesses. They offer a wide range of products with various screen sizes, processors, audio tech, security features, etc. Below is the list of laptop series made by Lenovo:

  • Ideapad - Estimated price: Upwards of Rs.20,000
  • Yoga - Estimated price: Upwards from Rs.30,000
  • Lenovo V series - Estimated price: Upwards from Rs.17,000
  • Thinkpad - Estimated price: Upward from Rs.30,000

We have a special page for Lenovo coupons listed on our website, which is always updated with great oferrs & deals. Do check them for massivs discounts.


5. Asus (The All-rounder)


ASUS Best Laptops


Asus has high-quality latest laptops at affordable prices, as a result it has become one of the popular brands in India. The designs of these laptops are solid and straightforward, and therefore they are considered affordable and best for students purposes. Therefore it is known as the best pick for business and gamers related laptops. Some of the laptops which are famous are listed below:

  • ZenBook Series
  • VivoBook Series
  • Republic of Gamers
  • ZenBook Deluxe Series
  • ZenBook Flip Series
  • EeeBook Series



While concluding the list of best laptop brands here, we have taken into account various aspects of laptops. The list currently holds all laptop brands that has a wide range of laptops with excellent availability & superior after sales customer service. You can choose the one that fits your budget and has service center nearby your residence location to get hassle free service.


Do let us know in comments if the list was valuable for you & which other brands deserve to be a part of the list?

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