How to Make a Rope Braid?

rope braid

Show me one woman who does not dream about having those fairy tale braids on her hair. Braids can be of varied styles. The rope braid out of all is drawing a lot of hype right now in the world as ...


How to Make Your Hair Look Sexy in Photos!

hair style women

Spring is the informal season of huge occasions, with weddings, reunions, proms and even the beginnings of get-aways appearing in the following couple of months. What's more, with each photo winding ...


The Balancing Act of Healthy Diet & Health

health balanced diet

Some of the reasons due to which people suffer from problems such as obesity and many other harmful health diseases are mainly because they do not give much importance towards a balanced diet. Good ...


Beauty At Work!

beauty products

In today’s busy and hectic schedule, most of us either forget or take make-up for granted when we are at work. Tips: Keep a black kohl pencil or kajal pencil in the hand bag such that the eyes ...


Body Needs the Best Nutrition Supplements

nutrition supplements

Dietary habits of any person affect the pattern of one’s life. If one is in habit of taking a balanced diet then he lives an energetic life for longer duration, and vice versa is also true. The six ...

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