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Skilled Craftsmen Shoes, Boots & Sandals below Rs.1000

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  • Skilled Craftsmen shoes, boots and sandals available online below Rs.1000 at Dharavi Market.
  • The online store is part of Social Capital Credits program.
  • The products available online are completely authentic and handmade in the slum area, Dharavi.
  • Buy the products at the online store for lower prices.

Dharavi Market Coupon Codes, Offers & Promo Codes For Today - June, 2024

International Standard Entrepreneurial Initiative - Dharavi Market

The name Dharavi often brings the picture of slum dwellers squatting all over the place in mind. However, it is also a place brimming with talent, which needs a push in the right direction to show their creativity. Dharavi Market's concept is to change this preconception that slum dwellers are good for nothing people who cannot manage to do something of their life. The online portal brings some of the best, international quality work in terms of shoes, bags, customized items, jackets, accessories, and raw materials for bulk buyers. It even gives Dharavi Market coupons the option to add a little surprise to your orders placed online.


Giving Slums Dwellers A Life With Dharavi Market

The highly skilled slum dwellers of Dharavi often end up unnoticed, their talent often unharnessed. Dharavi Market is the necessary change that is making the talented people of Dharavi come into the limelight. The portal provides a unique initiative to showcase these entrepreneurs work and, at the same time, provide them with a platform where they can get a good price for their work. It is not just a great initiative for the slum dwellers but also provides a unique opportunity for buyers to get international quality standard work at manufacturer's rates using Dharavi Market coupon codes. Thus being a win-win situation for both parties.


There's More To Dharavi Market Than Meets The Eye

Though often looked down upon as crass, Dharavi people are much more talented and have entrepreneurial skills than the more privileged society. The online portal Dharavi Market offers a unique opportunity for both the skilled craftsmen & women to sell their products online and make a profit and provides buyers amazing stuff at much more reasonable rates using promo codes. Providing a collaboration platform between the artisans and the buyer helps cut the middlemen out. Letting you buy global MNC stuff at a reasonable price from the deals & offers section listed by manufacturers.


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Founded by Megha Gupta, a well-known TEDx Speaker in 2014, Dharavi Market brings you handcrafted products from the leather market. Since the products are handcrafted, they are of the utmost quality with extremely low pricing. Don’t miss checking for the collection, which comprises leather bags, wallets, laptop bags, purses, travel bags & much more. So, here is the list of Dharavi Market Coupons that will lower down your expenses of buying leather goods online.

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