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India's First Transparent Car Pooling Service - Save Money Offer

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  • Road trips are the best way to burst out all the stress and strain.
  • In fact during the monsoon season driving across the picturesque locales across India is being made easy through carpooling the best concept popular in many nations.
  • CoYatri is the first Indian transparent carpooling service.
  • Carpooling is done with a car owner who wants to share a seat with a stranger during the trip.
  • Well save money with this service and enjoy the ride.

CoYatri Discount Coupons, Promo Codes & Offers For Today - June, 2024

Several developed nations have proven that carpooling is a great option to reduce the carbon footprint. In India, the initiative has ventured into the online channel through CoYatri - the carpooling website. CoYatri provides an inter-city carpooling solution for travelers who are worried about the sky-high fares involved in commuting. Isn’t it beneficial for car owners to cut down on their fuel expenses too? With the recent increase in the traveling crowd to prime Indian cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad, carpool is a welcome solution for the travelers who frequently commute to these cities. And to have this option over the online channel is an added advantage. It even gets cheaper as you have the option to apply our CoYatri coupons & save big on your bills.

Few Reasons To Choose CoYatri

The fundamental fear of travelling alongside a stranger may be deep inside many passengers. The best reasons to choose a carpool option with CoYatri are convincing that it helps you take a confident step forward. Let’s check a few:

  • The green enabler for your travel needs comes in handy during peak or festive seasons when train or bus ticket procurement is a big challenge.
  • The person offering up the travel option must share details/ documentation of the car and the driver facilitating the travel. License information of the driver, the registration information of the car are mandatory.
  • CoYatri provides a mechanism for the passengers to communicate within the online channel.

What Awaits You At CoYatri?

The carpooling facilitation channel through CoYatri has a good amount of features:

  • Good user experience with hassle-free navigation to search/lookup for carpooling rides.
  • Upcoming rides that are updated with every carpool ride facilitated through.
  • Ability to sign in and create your profiles to enjoy frequent carpool rides or offer a ride with other passengers.
  • Android mobile app adding more agility and accessibility to book the carpool. The soon-to-be-launched iOS version of the carpooling option keeps the iOS users thrilled with this flexibility.
  • Laid out policies by them that keep the carpooling option quite transparent with its customers.

With all the advantages listed above, you still get better pricing on carpooling by using our CoYatri coupons, or special CoYatri offers listed here.


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Headquartered in Hyderabad, CoYatri was founded in 2014 as a carpooling app. Here you get the safest of rides at a much lower rate. Often in today’s rat race, the expenses are increasing – especially for the office goers. Therein comes CoYatri, giving you an affordable ride. From neat & clean cars to professional drivers – everything is highly maintained by CoYatri. It makes sure to make its rider’s ride most pleasant and gets the most benefits. Don’t miss to grab the CoYatri Coupons listed here on this page for extra large savings on every trip.

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