Reasons Why You Should Read Books And Novels

AdminApril 2024

With the advent of technology and social media, people love to show their indulgence in these sites, compared to book reading. It seems that book reading is becoming a history, as people are used to have an approach, watching a two hour movie is better than reading a complete book. But they ought to be realized with the importance of book reading, what psychological and physiological impacts one can enjoy with amuses of book and novel reading. A book or novel provides an opportunity to come up with more creative ideas, show stronger imagination skills that one can never achieve with television and movies.


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Understanding the Significance of Book Reading: In order to make people realized of the significance of book and novel reading, some of the benefits and reasons are enlisted, that would mirror an image that how much a book positively influences one’s life.

  • Expand Vocabulary: It is highly recommended by the experts to get actively involved at least half an hour daily, in book  and novel reading, as it expands one’ vocabulary. By reading a book in a louder voice at a younger age, enables a person to get exposed more to the grammar, pronunciation and can comprehend and store the information at the same time. Reading books and novels make you come across the words and vocabulary that is not commonly used, and this leads to an increased wealth of vocabulary. With a sophisticated vocabulary and consistent reading habit, one can have a more eloquent style to converse with others and can convey his/her ideas in a better way. This leads to the improved verbal capabilities as well.
  • Enhance Imagination And Creativity: Frequent reading of books and novels enable you to create a smart imagination of the events and places describes on pages of the book. Like reading fiction books and novels enhance the “creativity” element in your brain that can be utilized in writing, solving business problems, music, scientific inventions and discoveries. As depicted by modern research, a child who is habitual of reading a book daily for half an hour is more creative and smarter than one who does not read books at all.
  • Reduces Stress: Yes, book reading makes you de-stressed, throws out all the worries and makes you relaxed. Mindlab International from University of Sussex has recently come up with a study that reading helps in reducing stress. Silently reading for about six minutes slows down the heart rate and comforts the tension in muscles.
  • Improves Writing Capabilities: With enhanced imagination, increased vocabulary and high creativity, one can show splendid writing skills. While reading a book, the reader unconsciously starts absorbing the author’s style of writing, and when he starts writing his own book or novel, he shows a mixture of his own and author’s styles.
  • Makes Memory Stronger: Reading and memory are indispensable for each other. Reading frequently at a younger age leads you to a stronger memory and prevents you from memory problems at older ages. Reading basically helps stretch the memory muscles, therefore a frequent book and novel reader is very good in remembering dates, facts and figures, themes and characters. Reading a para two to three times consistently aids in memorizing the stuff easily.


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Practice Reading Books and Novels: After such a thorough analysis of book and novel reading, you are supposed to practice this habit instantly. In order to gain a string focus and attention, think analytically and to be smart among others, you must adopt the habit of reading. Do not stick to a particular genre while reading novels, keep changing the subjects and themes of novels and books. This will not let you get bored of this interesting activity and will lead you to a better exploration.

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