How to Decide if P90X or Insanity Is Better for You

AdminMarch 2024

We will today make a comparison between some of the most popular home workout DVDs – the P90X and Insanity for exploring drawbacks and benefits. One does not worry about the depths of television. In between channels these two workouts are hidden. These are the world’s best home DVD for working out. These showcase some of the best workout modules that when done helps fight and win the challenge of slimming the body in just 90 days of time.




One must make significant changes to the physique one can make is to be dedicated with a tried and tasted program. If one does not have a gym membership or any workout DVD like P90X and Insanity then it is difficult to get back in shape easily. These are some of the most high intensity spaces out there.


Comparison Insanity and P90X:

Both the workout DVDs like Insanity or P90X are priced at the same price. Millions of people are using these two workout DVDs to get back into shape while they do it. There is no doubt that they have to work and these are cost effective and quite convenient way for getting back into shape.  However, these do not require much serious commitment. A minimum of 60 or 90 days workout made almost 6 times in a week will give one expected results. But one must follow this program strictly. On an average one hour workout is enough.




For the P90X style of workout one needs a 90 days commitment to workout. But if this does not sound good one can go for the Insanity program which needs only 60 days. P90x focuses mainly on resistance training. Whereas Insanity is mostly cardio based. The Insanity DVD workout is cardio based and it offers a high calorie burn. In every workout session one can make 1000 pushes. This means by the end of a session one is totally drenched by sweat. One will see results fast and work hard to get into a super shape.


How does the Insanity and P90X DVD workout work?

  1. No resting period within this movement.
  2. Repeat the same series of movements but at a faster pace.
  3. Repeat these workout moves again but this time faster.
  4. Have a break
  5. Move on to the next workout sequence and repeat it in the same way.

These DVD workouts last 45 minutes and one can do them daily from any location. Doing workout at home is the most preferred way. For people who do not like to go to the gym these are perfect workout regimens. With these workout DVDs you can workout at a fast pace at a stretch for even 45 minutes.


Things that come in the workout packs:

  1. A fitness guide which shows advice's for how to do each move
  2. 10 DVDs
  3. An efficient nutritional guide.

It one has a strong determination and a time to spare for doing exercises then one must not delay and procure these DVDs at once. Looking to buy health related or Gym related products? Don’t miss our healthkart special coupons & offers which will provide you with offers that will save you money more than your local shops too. HealthKart is well-known for the authentic & quality products along with their excellent customer support. Start your healthy shopping now!

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