How To Build A Tree House?

AdminMarch 2024

We all have a small bit of a fantasy world resting in our hearts. Fortunate are those who can give it a shape. Dreaming about having a tree house of your own is no longer a distant desire. Today you can unleash your creativity and build a tree house with a little bit of a planning. When it comes to the architectural and planning side of building a tree house there are some know how one needs to gain knowledge. The first and foremost step is to get a clearance from the local authorities for building a tree house.


tree house


Remember a tree house is not just for kinds as the popular thought goes like. Today one can opt for a variety of types of tree house choices.


How to build a tree house in easy steps:


kids with tree house


  1. No one should be angry - Making a tree house is not something everyone does. So it is important to find out municipality regulations if there is any. Deciding how close or far you want the tree house to be built also depends on individual preferences. The next task at this stage is choosing the ideal tree where you can admire the view once the house is built on top of it. Planning and confirming safety measures comes right in these initial days of planning.
  2. Choosing the right tree - Building a simple tree house where kids will play occasionally and does not require heavy constructions is not major task. But for big tree house projects it is advisable to fetch a professional to determine which tree is safe to build a tree house on.
  3. Fancy or Simple? The television is filled with fancy tree houses. But if you are someone who does not have an experience before then it is better to try out the simple DIY tree houses. They provide starter kit along with step by step video tutorials. Any time stuck anywhere one can call for help at once. One can go for 3 kind of tree houses:
    1. Lean to tree house - Here one side is exposed or generally is leaning by anything.
    2. Tree house - Sits above ground with a leverage of branches.
    3. Free standing - House on the poles above the ground.
  4. Gather your material - These materials include old sheds, poles of telephones, palettes recycled and large wooden spools of cable.
  5. Building the base - No matter what is the type of the tree house the base needs to be strong. Securing the poles firm on the ground you have to attach the base of the floor firmly to it.  Try never to damage the tree.
  6. Walls - The next step is to build your walls over rails. Walls avoid falling down from the house on top. Make sure there are no hurdles that come on the rails.
  7. Accessorize and Voila - The tree house basic work being set now is the time to add some finesse.  Adding some plants, windows or pull up baskets are accessories that can make the tree house personalized.


Building this fort of dreams on the weekend can be a lifetime memorable experience for you and your family. There is no tree house which is not fun to be building. Just be sure about the safety factors.

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