How to Keep Your Home Appliances Younger than Young


Appliances we use at our home are the inseparable element of our daily life. They are the valuable part of the home and undoubtedly a big investment. And all this make us keep our home appliances safe, efficient and in running condition as long as possible. There are some small things if you will keep it in your mind you can keep your household appliances younger.

Here are some measures you can apply to keep your home appliances working for long:

Read the user manual: The user manual comes along with the newly purchased appliances hold all the information about that particular appliance. It even guides you on how you can use the appliance and what you should do to make it work for long. As no appliances are same, it is better for you to read the user manual or provided documents carefully before using it on a daily basis.

Keep it clean from inside and outside: Nothing is important than keeping your household appliance clean. Cleaning the refrigerator coils can keep your fridge work more efficiently. You should clean your dishwasher and washing machine periodically. You should be careful while cleaning the electrical appliances like microwave oven, electrical stove etc.

Keep it away from children: Don’t let the small kids at your home play with appliances they may damage it or can get hurt while playing with electrical appliances.

Don’t overload: Keep yourself restricted from using household appliances, don’t overload it by overusing. Use it when it is a must. Switch off the electrical appliances when not in use or done using. Like, do not overstuff the refrigerator; choose the shortest washing cycle for dishwasher or washing machine.

Inspect appliances: Check the appliance periodically to locate any damage in one. Check the wiring of the electrical device to avoid any risk or misshaping.

  1. Do anything you like, women’s will handle them without reading the manual.. it won’t last longer. Anyways will share with my friends hope they read it hereon

  2. have been working vth Bajaj electricals & most complains we get is of mis-handling of products which leads to water inside motor & causes burn or over loading of pressure on the motor. If people takes this slight care of handling appliances with proper manual care then it will surely last for plenty more years.

  3. Properly cleaning of home appliances after usage will surely increase the life of the appliances. I have been doing the same since years & my appliances last quite a longer time.

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