How To Beat The Slots

AdminMarch 2024

People think that individuals know about slot machine cheats are expert people who has figured out how to be successful. These are basically people who know the games in and out. These slot machine cheats & cheaters know the game so well that they can press some buttons and expect money to come.


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In a casino it is the slot machine is the loudest and the most colorful. They are the tools to generate billions of dollars in one single night. To win every night is not at all an easy task. Luck has a very important role to play for achieving slot success. However there are strategies to beat the slots effectively and increase your potentiality to be victorious for longer.


How to Beat the Slots:


Slot payouts – Numerous websites will be telling you the percentages of payout for all slot machines in various casinos. Casinos generally do not inform an average player about these. Insider information publishes it online or in some newsletters or specialty magazines.  The percentages usually range from 80% to 98%. These are the best chances of such success. It is better to choose machines which have high payouts and it also increases the chances of winning.


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Knowing the limits – To beat the slots one must first set their lose limit and also the limit for doubling money before venturing out in a casino. In case one is winning one must step exactly when they have fetched an amount double of their initial investment. If one is losing then one is recommended to stop when their lose limit is reached.


Long range plans – Bleating slots also encompasses factors like how long one will stay in the city where one is gambling. Depending on that make a plan about how many days one will visit the casino and how long each session will be. Divide your entire budget into number of days, hours and estimate.


Back up plans – One must be surprised how quickly the funds end. To beat the slots try bringing cash for the gamble. Do not bring the credit or debit cards as leaving them back in your room will stop you from spending more than you are supposed you. Or have a pact with your best pal to stop you from over gambling. Also use coins than bills in the machine. That way one will spend more time playing.




Grab your winnings – Gamble only using the money. So in this way one will not be emptying their hand.  If one is playing a land based casino join the slots. Take some benefit of the bonus money or online services. Such offers usually are based on how many coins one is using to play in slot machines.


There are no technical rules to beat slot machines. However using the above tips one can increase the chances of your success. If these strategies are followed most likely one will walk away with a lot of buck in the pocket. If you are looking to buy slot machines games for indoor purposes for fun. Do check our Flipkart Coupons to buy slot machines games & accessories online.

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