Take Online Shopping to a Whole New Level with Flipkart

It is quite likely that whoever you are, you have some experience with shopping for things online. On the rare chance that you don’t, shopping on the internet has been quite the sensation for about a decade now, even in India. There are websites that are completely Indian, such as Flipkart, that offer you with a range of products that is staggering to say the least, available at the expense of a few clicks at often ridiculously low prices. The beauty of online shopping is that you can order anything you like; there is no longer the need to go a different shop or a different vendor when you need a specific product: Flipkart offers you with everything you could wish for.

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Cheaper Prices

The fact that Flipkart can sell you the same products at considerably lower prices than the maximum retail price may come as a surprise to many. There are several people who actually think that the website is up to some form of trickery, but this is not the case. Most shops in the real world have expenses to pay such as the cost of personnel operating it, the cost of people delivering and dispatching products from the location, and the rent of the shop itself. Given all of the incurred rates, the price they are able to sell the product on keeping a profit margin often increases. With flipkart, the cost of having a showroom is surpassed by a mere website. Hence, the prices are low.

Flipkart is just the platform

The fact that you go to Flipkart.com to buy you products doesn’t imply that they are the ones selling you the product. Flipkart is like a marketplace: it allows vendors and dealers to have accounts similar to yours as a consumer and show their wares on the platform. Once you decide to purchase one, these dealers are informed that their product is wanted, and it is this retailer that actually gets the money for the product you buy, with Flipkart getting a nominal amount as commission.

Specific Deals that are Amazing

If you are a reader, you cannot underestimate the importance of Flipkart in your life. Not everyone has the good luck of living in a large city such as Delhi or Calcutta, and those who live in remote areas often have to struggle to get hold of books that are rare and expensive. Flipkart offers you the chance of getting these books delivered to your doorstep on demand, with you barely having to move your fingers.

Payment Options

You do not need to have a credit card or a debit card to buy your products from Flipkart. The website offers a variety of payment options such as internet banking with your bank, or with online banking platforms such as PayPal. Some products are also eligible for cash on delivery if you do not have an online payment method handy.

Flipkart leaves no stone unturned to make it as easy for you as possible to buy your products.

  1. Salute to the experience that Flipkart has offered me. Just sharing a small experience I had with them. Quite a few months back I ordered a mobile phone from them which I actually didn’t liked as it was hanging from the first day, which actually triggered me to go for their return policy. I had my mobile exchanged for a much better phone & this happened in just 24 hours. Yes! I did have to pay my difference amount. But the service was just amazing.

  2. Yes! Top notch products quality are always from Flipkart. I have ordered products plenty of times from various shopping stores but that Flipkart sends is quality & transparency in its info. Their refund policy is quick & that makes Flipkart my favourite store to shop online.

  3. Flipkart big bullion sale is great but only for those who keep a track of the products.

  4. Good article but amazon is surely at a higher side when it comes to quality of products & after support, they do take care of the customer by call or email which makes our life easier. Flipkart on the other side has to improve on their quality a bit. when new sellers coming in with bad quality products it truly a headache to decide on which product to buy.

  5. Flipkart is always the best when it comes to return policy & customer support…..

  6. A little difference of my opinion here. I think Amazon is slightly better that Flipkart when it comes to service & quality of customer support. Been a frequent buyer from flipkart & amazon, i will give my bigger thumbs up to amazon for their service

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