How the Coupon Codes Are Arrived At?


Coupons and coupon codes are married to each other. A coupon loses its identity without a coupon code. One cannot avail of a discount without the coupon code. There are different ways that the coupon codes are designed by marketers in order to provide discount and other privileges to the customers.

Cases Where Coupon Codes Are Same

If a coupon scheme is to be launched for a certain product offering 20% discount on the final price, the coupon code on all coupons is made the same. discount coupon codes arrivalsThese coupons are then published online or advertised in newspapers as per the marketing platform that is planned for. Nowadays marketers make the use of both the print media and the virtual platform in order to ensure that maximum reach and impact of a marketing campaign is achieved. Coupons schemes are even mailed to customers whose email addresses are already listed. That ensures that a certain number of the customers will find the coupon codes for sure.

Cases Where Coupon Codes Are Different

In some cases the coupon codes are different:

  • In case of a product or service provider who has a network of affiliates.
  • These affiliates are given the freedom to offer their own range of bonus features or discounts on the same range of products and services.

In such cases the discounts and privileges might vary. If an affiliate is able to procure a wider discount margin, he or she will be able to transfer most of the discount to the customers. Again, some affiliates might undercut their own profits in order to increase their sales volume and attract more customers to their site or shop. Such tactics are used online and offline as well. In the online world one can compare the benefits and then choose the most lucrative deal as information is easily available online.

  1. Coupons as to my knowledge was started by a company as a marketing trial & it spread out massively due to the success they got. It acutally benefits everyone like customer gets a discount & the company gets a quick sale. So it helps both the parties to profit in someway or the other. Now, for every company its not possible to circulate the coupon codes every weekend or so. So these affialites come into play where they tie-up with huge number of shopping sites & then they spread it out to their publishers.

  2. Ooh now i got it, why people say coupons, promo codes to use while shopping. Will now search for the best coupons online & try saving my hard earned money. Nice article to read.

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