Cash On Delivery Is the Most Opted Option In India While Shopping Online

AdminMay 2024

Online shopping is increasing day by day, mainly because of the convenient payment options. The cash on delivery (COD) option is one of the prime options that have made online shopping very easy. Customer can buy any goods online and choose the COD option which allows them to pay conveniently during the point of delivery. This is considered to be one of the safest payment methods while shopping online. A customer can easily place an order and wait till the delivery time. Whether it is developed country or developing country, worldwide the COD option is the most preferred option.


cash on delivery


Cash on delivery is one of the tremendous options providing immense benefit to the buyer as well as the seller. In country like India where the credit card users are less than one percent, it becomes quite difficult for the seller to sell their products. At the same time it also becomes difficult for the buyer to get products that they like. In such a scenario, without the cash on delivery option it would have been quite difficult to gain success in the online marketing structure. Let us discuss some of the benefits accrued to the customer while using cash on delivery option. The most crucial benefit is that any person can tend to shop online without even using the credit card and debit cards. There are so many thefts and mal functioning activities found online, that it becomes quite difficult to locate reliable sellers. People are vulnerable to many fraudulent activities and the chances of misuse of credit cards and debit cards are larger. All these reasons make cash on delivery option as one of the most preferred payment options in India as people can be safe and would not fall as a prey to the frauds that occur online. Nowadays online shopping stores have been offering coupons like Myntra Coupons for free COD services & some stores offer COD services only on orders that cross a specific amount.


However even for those who want to expand their customer base and reach customers all across the boundaries using their online portal, cash on delivery is the best option that they can offer to the customers. This is because it makes a customer feel contented and brings a positive impact on the retailer. It develops a belief on the seller. People often find it difficult to make a purchase using the credit cards and the debit cards. This involves disclosing of many personal information and PIN numbers. On the other hand the cash on delivery option is a flexible payment option.


People in India prefer cash on delivery for the purchases that they make online because they find it safe too. They can pay for the goods when they receive it. There would not be a tension of loss or theft or fraud. They feel that cash on delivery options gives them an assurance of receiving the item that they have offered. This is the most simplified option while buying things online. All these factors make cash on delivery as one of the best options for Indians while buying online, any kind of item of whatever price it may be.

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