Beauty At Work!


In today’s busy and hectic schedule, most of us either forget or take make-up for granted when we are at work.


  1. Keep a black kohl pencil or kajal pencil in the hand bag such that the eyes don’t look wary during the day.
  2. A light shade lipstick like a hazelnut or a nude pink in glossy finish can really work well.
  3. A nude shade gloss can also go well.
  4. One can avoid matt finish lip colours to avoid flaunting a loud products
  5. A nude shade of nail paint like that of nude powdery pink can work well in all office ambiences.
  6. The eye make-up shall be subtle for the day and loud for the evening.
  7. Shirt should subtle peach or blue or some other light shade!
  8. Dark colored trouser; black,grey,khaki or chinos.
  9. A quarter or a three-fourth sleeve shirt shall look aristocrat.
  10. Coming to Indian wear, collar-neck kurtis with bell-bottomed pallazos; pallazos with less flare shall be a nice combination for work.
  11. Kurtis can be chiffon, cotton or satin cotton, with less embroidery. Block prints with subtle colours also go well.
  12. Dark or subtle sarees including peach, blue, black, yellow shall work well.
  13. Sarees shall not be heavily embroidered, and should be either chiffon or cotton or a satin cotton.
  14. Footwear should be comfortable and should not be tight. The footwear shall not include high heels or provide discomfort to the arch or ball area of the foot.
  15. Black Mocassins with block heels or flat heels shall work a great deal with shirt and trousers.
  16. Flat sandals with buckles and backstraps shall work a great deal with Indian kurtis.
  17. However, sandals with block heels of plain subtle or a plain black shall go a great deal with sarees.


  1. Very long and fancy earrings or ear cuffs should be avoided at the workplace.
  2. One can wear short jackets or waistcoats of dark colours on western wear.
  3. Hair shall be tied and not cover up the face.


  1. If there is a traditional day at office, one can flaunt traditional attire with a soft make-up for day and a loud make-up for evening.
  2. On Fridays or Saturdays one can either take a shirt, a top or a kurta on jeans combination or even a full- length cargo also goes well.


  1. The top shall not be sleeve-less or a t-back or a racer-back.
  2. The cargo or jeans shall be full-length and not expose the ankle.
  3. One can keep up minimum jewellery to the attire, such that the attire does not lose its show.
  4. Digital prints shall not usually be worn on weekdays but can be worn on Fridays or Saturdays which are for casual wear workdays.
  5. The attire shall be such that one does not feel they are not in the work place, but be conscious in the work place.
  1. Thinking about anything else rather than reaching work place on time early morning doesn’t even come to my mind. But yes sometimes dressing up in office other than occasions feel great. This article has made me think again for dresing up early morning. I will surely give it a try soon… Hopefully it works out.

  2. Reading the complete article I realized that I need to wake up early now. But I must say being well dressed up actually boosts a lot of confidence and one feels energetic at home. Some of the tips I actually follow but will add up more to my list soon. I am already feeling like getting up and starting like picking up things for tomorrow. But as u all know laziness plays an important part in our lives. Lolx

  3. A woman is always beautiful. May be it’s at work or at home. I pick up my clothes every night what I will be wearing next day along with accessories & next it just takes me a couple of minutes to dress up. We girls only take time to decide what will work for us. If we have that decided upfront then it just takes a couple of minutes to get ready & start rolling.

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