7 Best Online Shopping Sites In India

AdminApril 2024

Online shopping sites have been gaining momentum in the Indian Market since a few years. If one can get great quality discounted products at their doorstep, then why would they go to a brick and mortar establishment and buy things at their MRP?


online shopping stores in india


A few years ago people used to face slight hesitation in buying goods online as they were sceptical of online frauds. But now, as most of the online shopping websites offer quality and various online payment options, including the cash on delivery, this hurdle has been overcome.


So, here are some of the best online shopping websites that have almost all kinds of goods that you can buy with some amazing price deals:

  1. Amazon.in: Amazon is the world leader in online shopping, and since it opened up its website for India, it quickly grabbed a huge chunk of market share. Amazon has a wide range of products from stationery, books, apparel, electronics and what not. It delivers in areas that previously were not serviced by other online stores which led to its success.
  2. Flipkart: One of the pioneers of Online shopping in India, one would find almost anything at an excellent price on this site. The product range includes bags, books, apparel, toys, accessories, electronics etc. If you register yourself as flipkart first member, you also get additional benefits like faster delivery, higher discounts and much more.
  3. Homeshop18.com: A venture of network18 group, homeshop18, not only has presence online, but it also has special tv sales slots as well. It is more frequently known for the excellent daily combos at unbelievable prices as well as the daily deals. If you visit their site, you might find a deal for the day that exactly suits your requirement. Once you buy something with them, they even send you an additional discount coupon just for you for your next purchase.
  4. Snapdeal.com: Along with the normal products that you get on all the online sites from clothes, books, furniture etc., Snapdeal stores uniqueness comes from it selling discount coupons for services as well. When you log into the site, you find not just the products, but coupons for deals for various saloons, restaurants, and other spots in your city. You can buy this deal and avail the offer at that particular place.
  5. eBay.in: eBay is a platform that brings together various suppliers as well as customers. When you are looking for any particular goods, you might find the similar listing for a lot of similar or same products. The main advantage is that you can get to choose from the seller that is offering you the best price. Some products even have auctions that they put up, so one can put in the price that they are willing to pay and see if they win it or not.
  6. Futurebazaar.com: Started by the future group, this is an online venture that sells various products at a discounted price. Leading retailers like the big bazaar, pantaloons etc. sell their products on this website. You even have an option to buy vouchers for the brick and mortar stores.
  7. Infibeam.com: Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, infibeam is another online shopping destination that specializes in selling quality products at great prices. The deal that they offer changes every day, and the customers can subscribe to these deals and get them on their emails daily. 

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