About Us

About Us

Is your online shopping craze going high? Or the price tag attached with them is stopping you from buying something? If yes, then this is the right place for you. Never let the price tag come in between you and your favourite item. I said right place, because today I’ll tell you about one amongst the best coupon providing sites that can help you to buy anything at much lesser price and that is, Dealivore. Dealivore will help you get the best suitable coupons which you can include in your shopping. Shopping and the budget, it is difficult to run them both hand-in-hand and somewhere or the other you compromise. From the buyer’s perspective it tries to provide everything it can and that is something which made it so popular amongst the Indian shoppers.

How shopping at Dealivore.in is easy?

In the fight of so many coupon providing companies, Dealivore.in made its way to your preference list, and all this happen because of the services and easy to understand design it provides. Some of them are:

  • Coupons as per links: This is something which you can find only on us and that is, we just don’t provide or state the coupons and for what all sites they are applicable but we also provide the link beside them. This helps in avoiding unnecessary confusion that can be annoying for the buyers if they got to know about it at the final stage.
  • Detailed and complete information: We at Dealivore always believe in our customer’s satisfaction and that is why we do not only post the coupons instead we provide the detailed information about that coupon and where it fits the best. The information provided is sufficient enough to make you understand them completely.
  • Deals with most popular E-commerce stores: We understand the value of buying from favourite store and that is why we deal with most popular e-commerce stores and coupons applicable on their products so that we can provide you everything at a single place.
  • Latest and valid coupons: At Dealivore everyone tries to give their best to their customers, so the information and the coupons are updated regularly so that our customer do not have to go through not applicable coupon’s situation.

Services we provide

Some are never seen before services can only be seen at Dealivore.in, and some of them are here:

  • You can report to the customer care, if any of the provided coupons does not work. This is something never seen service but in has brought this to you.
  • At times the coupons links that takes you to the merchant’s site does not work, which may stop you from applying that coupons. So, in order to avoid such situations Dealivore provides the alternate way to use those coupons, and that is, you can manually copy those coupon codes and use them.

Dealivore.in has proved to be the best service provider with whose help you can do healthy shopping i.e. products at much lower prices.

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