Surviving Your Freshman Year In High School

AdminMarch 2024

There can be nothing more overwhelming than high school freshman year. Being the new kid on the block and in an entirely new ambience with everything around new can be a scary thing for some. This is also the year when students are completely relaxed and have no obligations like taking admission tests, checking colleges or applying for scholarships or financial aids. This is a time where one makes the initial steps for the dream destination of one’s life. One can do a lot of things in their freshman year in high school to survive it in a fun way.




If freaked out take it easy and breathe. This entire year is right in your bag. Here are some quick tips.


Here are your survival strategies:

  1. Grab your Friends Group Effortlessly - When the freshman year begins we all are in a rush to find our perfect group of friends. But many times we make mistakes. In a rush we become part of a group and in some time we feel we do not belong to the mental wavelength of it. SO take time and meet new people more and more. Be relaxed. Good friendships will blossom naturally and effortlessly.
  2. Perks like Free Meals – Although being in college itself is a really expensive affair, food is enough and free from all students in the campus. There are organizations and events which hold meetings like debates, tax forums, guest speaking sessions etc in the campus and offer free meals for attracting audience. Grab this perk for life.
  3. Friendship with seniors – Another way to be a survivor in freshman year is to make friendship with few of your seniors. Seniors with their experience have already strike the right balance of socializing and studies. Take advantage of this.
  4. Laundry time is best at midnight –Laundry rooms are usually ghost parts of the block where there usually are heavy queues on weekends. Take some time out at midnight when all are either partying hard on Saturday nights or asleep. So no more wrestles and bullies. Freely do all your laundry at a comfortable pace.
  5. Get the best grades and plan – Your grades do count even if you are in your freshman year. The good grades affect the GPA positively. Plan your studying, classes, activities, preparation and rest properly. This is the right time to stretch yourself. Choose classes that stretch your limits. Impress them all together.
  6. Smart Partying – Being out there independent in your freshman year who does not want to start partying and have the kind of life we dream and watch in the movies. The challenge is to be smart. Do not overspend to buy expensive clothing and accessories for parties. Instead opt for cheap items which will look funky and gorgeous in parties. Smart shopping can also be buying in clearance sale from online stores like snapdeal & even applying the snapdeal discount coupons to save even more.
  7. Roommates and Floor mates – There can be situations bothering you regarding your room mates or floor mates. Instead of spreading your discomfort among friends just speak to the person directly. Direct communication solves problems and creates better relationships.


high school freshman


It is true that high school is intimidating. Especially for the confused ones. Be confident, expect average and create some great memories in your freshman year.

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