Just for Fun
How to Use an Abacus
August 31, 2016 General,Just for Fun
The abacus also known as abacuses or abaci is basically a counting frame. It is a tool for calculations which was used in Russia, Europe and China centuries back when there was no writing language. Th Read More
How to Make Cream from Milk
August 20, 2016 General,Just for Fun
It sounds so interesting to make cream from milk. Once you get the habit to make some cream at home and some butter at home then it is sure that you will never go to buy these from stores anymore. It Read More
How to Smoke a Tobacco Pipe
August 19, 2016 Just for Fun
Pipe smoking is a great relaxation medium and also a ritual. You get a satisfaction when you smoke a tobacco pipe. The whoosh of the matchstick followed by the beautiful aromatic smell is something yo Read More
How to Create Paper Mache
August 12, 2016 Just for Fun
One of the easiest ways to create Paper Mache is by using white flour, pasted water and newspaper which is torn in small strips.  I experimented many times to make Paper Mache until I came across thi Read More
How to Make Play Dough
August 10, 2016 Just for Fun
My girls absolutely love Play Dough for playing. The sight of these beautiful colorful doughs brings a big smile on their face. So much creativity can be explored and encouraged to kids. However I fin Read More
How to Make a Doughnut
August 6, 2016 Just for Fun
Doughnuts, also pronounced as donuts are basically pastries deep fried which is made from dough. These fried pastries come in many forms all over the world. It comes in sweet form and also in savoury. Read More
How to Carve a Pumpkin
August 5, 2016 Just for Fun
It is not at all a rocket science to carve out a pumpkin. But it is wise enough to have a working plan for proceeding ahead before scooping out the top of the pumpkin, grabbing the gooey squash guts o Read More
How to Build a Tree house?
August 3, 2016 Just for Fun
We all have a small bit of a fantasy world resting in our hearts. Fortunate are those who can give it a shape. Dreaming about having a tree house of your own is no longer a distant desire. Today you c Read More
How to Beat the Slots
August 1, 2016 Just for Fun
People think that individuals know about slot machine cheats are expert people who has figured out how to be successful. These are basically people who know the games in and out. These slot machine ch Read More